Payment Options

Making Paying Easier

More than one way

There are a number of ways you can pay your Samoa Water Authority bill, and as access to technology becomes more widespread in Samoa, it will develop ways you can receive your bill and pay using your mobile phone and the internet. 


Direct Debit

  • If you are an ANZ or BSP customer, you can arrange for your water bill to be paid automatically each month direct from your bank account.
  • All you have to do is go into bank and fill in a direct debit permission from using the account number and name on you water bill.
  • Then make sure you contact Samoa Water Authority's Customer Service team (Ph# 20409) to confirm the direct debit arrangements with us


In Person

You can make payment in person, please see below table for location details:

  • SWA Main Office, TATTE Building - Sogi
  • SWA Collection Booth, Vaitele Market
  • Samoa Post Offices
  • Any Banks - ANZ, BSP & NBS
  • Western Union
  • SWA Office at Salelologa & Asau
  • Samoa Post Offices
  • Any Banks - ANZ, BSP & NBS
  • Western Union


Bill Inquiries

If you haven't received your bill or for any other assistance, please contact us on (685) 21267/20409, or come and see us at TATTE Building - Sogi or Salelologa Office - Savai'i.