New Connection

Applying for a new water connection

Important: New water connection applications cannot be approved if previous owner of registered land has unpaid / outstanding water bills

Customary Land

  • For a new connection application on a customary land. A consent letter is required from the Matai (Sa’o), giving authorization for the applicant (if different from the Sa’o) to request a water connection on the property. A letter of confirmation from the Pulenuu (Mayor) OR Sui Tamaitai (female village representative) is also required to verify that the applicant is entitled to the land, and that the Matai or Sa’o authorising the application has right to do so. 
  • Photo ID of you, as applicant; photo ID of the matai and photo ID of the pulenuu/sui tamaitai (eg. passport, driver's license, work ID)
  • We charge a $20.00 non-refundable service fee for each new connection application. 


Freehold Land

  • For a new connection application on a Freehold land a Computerized Folio Certificate (CFC) is required from MNRE giving details for the ownership of the land and location. 
  • A Photo ID of the applicant and a photo ID of the owner of the land (if different from the applicant) is required before a new connection application can be processed or considered.  
  • $20.00 service fee


Lease Land

  • For a new connection application on a Leased land a letter of consent from the Land Owner or a Government Corporation (for government lands) is required, stating authorization for the applicant or occupant to apply a new water connection on the land.  Evidence of land ownership may also be required for verification. 
  • A Photo ID of the applicant and a photo ID or verification letter from the owner is required
  • $20.00 service fee 


Please fill the Application Form and submit all required information at any of our Customer Services Unit including the $20.00 service fee. This service is available at our office on the Level 1 of the TATTE building and our Offices at Salelologa and Asau. The service fee is non-refundable.