Assistance with Bills

Assistance with your Bill

What to do if my bill is higher than usual?

If you receive an unusually high water bill, please contact us immediately Ph: (+685 21267 or +685 20409). We can help you identify any faults or leaks and what you need to get them fixed.

We can then talk about what can be done about the unusually high bill and whether there is a case for the cost to you to be reduced.


What can I do if I can't pay my water bill?

If you are struggling to pay your bill, or it has accumulated over a period of months, please contact us to discuss making payment arrangements which allow you to catch up on your payments.

We would rather have you do that than wait until our staff are sent out to disconnect your water supply. That is a last resort for us and one we want to avoid if we can.

We have flexible payment options, depending on your circumstances, which we are happy to talk to you about. We can then arrange for you to pay off the balance due at an agreed amount.

However, if you wait for disconnection you will have to clear your arrears up front and pay an extra $70 reconnection fee, so come and talk to us before that occurs.