Upolu Operations & Maintenance

Upolu Operations & Maintenance

Urban Rural
Manager - Namulauulu Irasa Mauala Manager - Taiulu Savelio Imo

Urban Areas

  • Central: Faleula to Letogo & Afiamalu

Rural Areas

  • South: Lefaga to Salani
  • East: Lufilufi to Falefa & Tiavea to Utulaelae
  • West: Faleula to Samatau

The two divisions are responsible for preventative maintenance programs and emergency repairs. They also undertake minor capital projects and operate and maintain the water supply infrastructure and services in their designated areas. 
They have a critical role in ensuring that the quality of water supplied to our customers is maintained to SWA standards. The divisions also monitor water levels to ensure continuity of water supply SWA’s customers and proper notification to the public at times of emergencies. 
The activities and work programs are divided into 4 sections:

Operation and Maintenance

  • Fix complaints (no water. blockage, burst pipes, dirty water)
  • Clean intakes
  • Assist Electrician for changing pumps
  • Identify and repair visible leaks
  • Carry out step testing for leak detection for own area (minimum flow)
  • Operate and maintain the reticulation systems, including valves, hydrants, reservoirs, pipelines, customer connections chambers and marker posts
  • Monitoring of water levels, water supply status and water pressures
  • Carry out regular flushing mainly on raw systems
  • Produce asset register updates on asset improvements or changes
  • Produce normal pressure data for the system
  • Produce minimum night flow water audit maps for the area

Leak Detection

  • Identify non-visible leaks 
  • Demand Management 
  • Leak Detection program
  • Unaccounted for Water
  • Produce UFW figures
  • Compile proposals for improvements to the systems
  • Carry out road maintenance duties to repair road infrastructure affected by the authority


  • Install Meters, survey and tapping new connections for customers 
  • Carry out meter maintenance and replacement
  • Attend to customer related issues on water connections and meter
  • Transfer approved connections
  • Carry out approved re-connection
  • Update and produce customer database map information
  • Follow up on disconnected customers


  • Maintenance and monitoring of boreholes and pumps 
  • Services boreholes and pumps
  • Responsible for stock orders for pumps and boreholes 
  • Carry out monthly readings of meter for both power and water
  • Treatment Plant Operations
  • The role of this section is looking after all boreholes and pumps operated by SWA in the designated area for maintenance and operations. Also looking after the vehicle fleet for services and related matters with regards to vehicles and plants. Also operating 2 water trucks to assist at times of emergency and requests.