Technical Project Coordination & Asset Management

Technical Project Coordination & Asset Management

Manager - Tafeamaalii Philip Kerslake

The Technical Projects and Asset Management Division has two sections:
  • Engineering and Investments
  • Environment Business Unit (Laboratory)

Engineering and Investments

  • Implements and co-ordinate the EU donor projects.
  • Updates and reviews the Lifecycle Asset Management Plan.
  • Maintains Asset Register, Assets Investment Plans, and Assets Maintenance Plans, creates work orders, issues jobs and receives complete jobs. 
  • Operates the Maintenance Management System.
  • Participates in procuring new infrastructure.
  • Responsible for design of water treatment and supply systems: Headwork, provides engineering advice to the operations divisions, conducts condition inspections of treatment plants, river intakes, boreholes, booster pump stations and reservoirs
  • Monitors and reports on all treatment plants, river intakes, SWA compounds, pump stations and reservoirs for maintenance requirements.
  • Investigates new and existing water sources.
  • Identifies, designs and supervises new boreholes and river intakes.
  • Creates and introduces Water Safety Plans for all SWA assets
  • Network, Investigation, Design, estimation costing and Supervision of all new water works and Major connections
  • Monitors the overall performance of the pipe network and is responsible for its effective operation, Ensures projects and routine maintenance works are adequate and appropriate.
  • Ensures work is carried out as scheduled and is within budget
  • Provides engineering advice with regards to domestic connections, customer complaints and other water network issues.
  • Assists demand management through managing pressure and rationing programs.

Environmental Business Unit (Laboratory)

  • Monitors the quality of water and initiates any required corrections.
  • Provides water quality testing and reporting services to private customers
  • Monitors and conducts water quality testing for the Wastewater Division
  • Creates Water Safety Plans for all SWA assets
  • Ensures treated water supplied to customers satisfies WHO guidelines and national drinking water standards