Savaii Operations & Maintenance

Savaii Operations & Maintenance 

Manager - Maposua Fetu Osooso

The Savai’i Division has the following sections:
  • Customer Service/Call Centre
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Metering
  • Electricians
  • Treatment plant operations
  • Stores/Procurement
  • Leak detection

Customer Service / Call Center 

  • Customer Information & Management 
  • Customer Billing
  • Customer Service - responding to customer issues and forwarding complaints to appropriate divisions for action
  • Disconnections due to unpaid water bills or customer requests

Operations & Maintenance 

  • Fixes complaints (e.g. no water, a blockage, burst pipes, dirty water)
  • Cleans intakes 
  • Assists electricians in changing pumps
  • Identifies and repairs visible leaks
  • Carries out step testing for leak detection
  • Operates and maintains the reticulation systems, including valves, hydrants, reservoirs, pipelines, customer connections, chambers and marker posts
  • Monitors water levels, water supply status and water pressures
  • Carries out regular flushing mainly on raw systems


  • Installs meters, surveys and taps new connections for customers 
  • Carries out meter maintenance and replacement 
  • Attends to customers’ issues with water connections and meters 
  • Transfers approved connections
  • Carries out approved re-connections
  • Updates customer database map information
  • Follows up on disconnected customers


  • Maintain and monitor boreholes and pumps 
  • Service boreholes and pumps 
  • Responsible for stock orders for pumps and boreholes
  • Carry out monthly readings of meter for both power and water
  • Treatment Plant Operations
  • Maintaining and operating all SWA boreholes and pumps in the designated area.
  • Maintaining the vehicle fleet
  • Operating water trucks to assist at times of water shortage or in response to customer requests.

Stores / Procurement

  • Procurement of inventory required for maintenance & construction of new works, ensuring compliance with engineering standards
  • Inventory management & control 

Leak Detection

  • Identifying non-visible leaks
  • Demand Management 
  • Undertaking a leak detection program
  • Tracing unaccounted for Water