About My Meter

Where can I find the meter?

Meters are mostly located on the road reserves or about five (5 metres into private properties. SWA assesses and identifies where it is most safe to install a meter for its security. Meters are installed inside blue covered meter boxes to prevent tampering and damage.

How do I get a new meter?

If a meter is faulty and needs to be changed, please make a request through our Customer Services section.
If you do not have a meter but want one to be installed, please call our Customer Services section to request one.  SWA is obligated to supply meters to all customers receiving water from a treated water scheme.
There is no cost for repairing a meter unless it has been damaged by a customer, in which case we charge a tamper fee of $1000 plus any other costs.

What happens when meter readers are unable to read my meter?

SWA attempts to read all meters every month. If our meter readers cannot access your meter (for example, because of a locked fence), we ask you to provide a meter reading so we can generate your bill. We’ll provide you with a notice, left at your property, for you to record the meter reading and it in. In these circumstances, please do take the reading and report it to us, because if we haven’t received a reading for three consecutive months, we will have to consider disconnecting the account.

However, if we cannot read a meter due to a meter issue, such as the area being flooded, the meter has become buried or damaged through no fault of yours, we will ask our operations team to service or change it, as necessary.

Request a meter reading

If you have a locked gate during work hours, you can contact Customer Service billing for a meter reading card to be filled in, or email in your reading to (billing@swa.gov.ws). We’ll provide assistance on how to read your meter if you need it. 

If a special reading is needed in circumstances where there is a change of ownership or tenant, or where the property owner is leaving for overseas and wants to clear any bills, please contact Customer Service Debt Recovery and upon return will one have to pay reconnection of $70 in the absence of any outstanding bills. This will avoid accumulation of bills especially if you are on a flat rate whilst overseas.