Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few tips to make your life easier if your property has an existing SWA water connection.

Buying or Selling your Property?

  • If you are selling, check with us to ensure you have cleared any outstanding bills.
  • If you are buying it is also important to check with us that bills have been paid up to date before you complete the purchase, so you don’t take on outstanding debts with the property you’ve bought.
  • Make sure either the seller or the buyer has notified us of the change of ownership so the water supply is registered to the new owner.
  • Meters cannot be moved when you are changing your residence. The meter is unique to the land it has been installed on. Meters can, however, be relocated within a property or to the government road reserve if you talk to us and we assess the meter is located in an unsafe location

Moving overseas or changing your place of residence

  • If you move and you would like your bills to be sent to or delivered to a new address please notify SWA of change in writing, otherwise bills will continue to be delivered to the property
  • Transfer of arrears to your current residence can be done once your new residency is confirmed in writing

For Landlords and Tenants

  • It is not the responsibility of SWA to follow up on your tenants bills. You can check with SWA if your water account bills are being paid on time or make arrangement with your tenants to provide receipts as proof of payment.
  • If landlord uses sub-meters, it is his/her responsibility to read and bill tenants accordingly. SWA is only responsible in reading and billing based on consumption recorded by bulk meter. However, SWA can offer assistance in calculation of bills if needed.
  • Tenants need to follow up with SWA on new invoices and any outstanding bills to ensure timely payment.
  • Tenants need to make sure they give the correct account name the water connection is registered under to ensure payments are posted to correct account.
  • If tenant is utilizing sub-meters, the landlord is responsible for billing his/her tenant. SWA can offer assistance in explaining calculation of bills if needed